Do I need to install anything?

No, you do not. Enectiva operates as a service and as such it is available on all devices which are connected to the Internet and which have a web browser. Your data are available anytime, anywhere, even without installation.

Who owns the data in Enectiva?

Our customers' data remain their property. The members of the Enectiva team can only use them for statistical purposes and for improvement of the system.

How do I enter meter readings into the system?

There are two options. The best way is to install one of our attested communicators and establish a remote system of meter reading which operates automatically, with zero error rates. The second option is to enter the readings manually into the system or through mass imports of .xls or .csv files.

How long does the commitment last?

The standard form of payment is through monthly installments. In this way, customers can reduce or expand their services at any time and pay only for what they are using at a given moment. Yearly payments are possible as well – for yearly payments, we grant a 10% discount.

How are the payments made?

You can pay using bank transfers to the account of our company – details are to be found in the contact section.

If I wish to stop using Enectiva, how can I withdraw?

Withdrawing is very simple – you just do not make your monthly payment and you consequently lose access to your Enectiva account. You will be notified about this fact by e-mail twice.

Are my data erased if I miss a payment or de-active my account?

If you stop paying your monthly installments, you will be denied access to your account but your data will not be erased until 30 days after that. If your account is not re-activated within 30 days, your data will be erased.

Are my data secured?

Backup copies are made of all data in Enectiva every day and they are deposited in repositories certified in the ISO 270001 and TIER III standards. At the same time, the data are replicated to several servers in real time, so that their availability is ensured even if there are hardware or network problems.

Which energies can be monitored in the system?

Now, you can use Enectiva to monitor electrical energy, heat, cold, gas and water. The individual energies can also be monitored in greater detail – you can keep track of electricity used for air conditioning, of cold and hot water separately, or of electricity used for heating of water.

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