How to Cope With Energy Management

The words „energy management“ scare many people. Every day, as part of my profession, I meet senior managers who have to introduce new energy management processes - and they are struggling with this task. Usually they fear the unknown, but the basic philosophy behind good energy management is actually embraced in the common sense of every manager. Let me show you a few general rules: mozna-upspory_edit.png

  • Define goals you want to reach – it might be, for example, reduction of the average consumption per tenant (or per a manufactured product) till the end of the year
  • Define responsibilities of the individual members of the team – determine who is responsible for arrangement of meetings, collection of data, analyses
  • Make others motivated to come up with solutions – be it directly, or in the form of a competition
  • Establish regular meetings where achievements will be assessed and new goals will be set

Most importantly, „Do not give energy for free“. The consumer needs to understand that energy is not free – only then can he be motivated to save energy costs.