Smart Management for Your Buildings

We automate the management of your facility systems to achieve maximum comfort for residents and minimum energy costs for the facility operator.

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Manage your buildings efficiently

It doesn’t matter if you manage only one building all a whole network. We integrate ll buildings and contollers that manage them into one unit. In a small team, you can manage building technology of multiple buildings and be effective as never before.

Full automation

Switch buildings to autopilot mode and just monitor their performance. This is our goal as we strive to let algorithms do the thinking for you and give you space to address more important problems than the required air conditioning performance.

Remote monitoring

If manual intervention is required, you can control a single location or hundreds of them from a single app. Changing the time mode of the pump or adjusting the equithermal curve is then a matter of a few clicks.

Hardware independence

We integrate hardware with cloud services, but we do not distinguish between them. If the hardware supports standard open protocols, we are able to integrate it under our app, whether it is Modbus, BacNet or any other protocol.

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Maximum comfort

Comfort is always a priority for building users, and everything is therefore controlled with respect to the parameters of the indoor microclimate. It goes without saying that our solutions are in compliance with statutory hygiene requirements and the Breeam, LEED and WELL standards. It is a joy to work in such a high-quality and pleasant environment.

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Minimum costs

High-quality management always considers the aspect of operating costs. For buildings, this is about management with regard not only to the user’s comfort but also to the thermodynamics of the building itself, the current and forecast weather conditions, and the specific working conditions of the technology.

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Technology management online

The individual control units are connected to our platform via a secure encrypted connection. You have the ability to manage all technologies, including renewable resources, from one place. We usually control heating, cooling, air conditioning, and lighting. However, this may also include a photovoltaic power plant, a charging station or similar technologies.

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M&R system visualization

For easier navigation, we take over visualizations from the individual control units which are created using standard graphic libraries. Everything from small systems to complex large-scale systems can be integrated under one roof in one application.

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From design to implementation

Do you need help with design of advanced M&R system that would be connectable with other systems? Contact us, we would love to meet you casually in order to implement your requirements for the resulting system.

List of requirements

Everything starts with the investor’s requirements for the final system. It may be defined by the parameters of comfort, speed of control or just by the condition of meeting statutory or other standard related requirements.

System design

Our team designs systems taking into account the investor’s requirements and maximum energy efficiency. This allows us to achieve lower long-term operating costs for the managed technologies or entire buildings.


We cooperate with our partners on implementations. They are experienced installation companies that are, under our supervision, able to achieve the required quality. All projects undergo functional and comprehensive tests.


After commissioning, the systems go through a period of learning and searching for the optimum parameters. The system is considered debugged after one year. It is a standard part of our projects. In certified buildings, these are Commissioning and Seasonal Commissioning services.

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Optional services for your M&R

With the Enectiva app, you get the option to use additional synergetic services that increase the added value of the entire solution many times over. That means that you will find detailed energy management, including the monitoring of cost-saving project results and building performance reports, in one place. We will expand your measurement and regulation system to include the option to keep track of facility management inspections and duties.

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