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Energy related projects require supervision and management

To increase revenue from energy and EPC projects.

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Energy management for ESCO companies

Be efficient and keep track of your investment in a comfortable and easy-to-use environment. Enectiva also allows you to check the economic side of your investments and handle reporting for your projects. Instead of tedious paperwork, Enectiva sends out notifications for important events and reports electronically according to your individual criteria.

Monitor your results

Compare the actual and expected results of cost-saving projects. In real time. Set up alerts for a low savings value.

Data analytics

The integration of day grades from a wide network of weather stations provides an overview of weather-dependent savings.

Less paperwork

Enectiva makes administration simple and eliminates unnecessary paperwork. The results can be also shared directly with the customer.

epc projects

Other financing methods, the same needs

EPC projects combine investment in new technologies and minimum risk for the customer. Results are guaranteed by the very principle of EPC projects as they are only paid based on actual savings. That means that all risk remains with the EPC project supplier.

Online monitoring

Energy savings technologies and solutions are monitored online.

Data collection - IoT

Data used for the evaluation of EPC projects may be also obtained via IoT networks.

Stay up to speed

Alarms and alerts for low energy savings and regular automatic reports.

renewable resources

Monitoring and supervision of renewable resources

Renewable and low-emission resources are the future of energy management as it is heading towards gradual decarbonization. Every source, whether working in island mode or connected to a network, requires reliable management and clear monitoring.

Online monitoring

Monitoring of renewable resources, including production, your own operational consumption and all values required for safe operation.

Reports and analyses

Stay up to date with regular reports on energy production and carbon footprint production.

Online management

Dispatcher supervision of resources ensures connection to PLC using standard protocols such as Modbus, Bacnet, Loan etc.

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