Technology & security

A Safe and reliable tool

Extensive options for integration with hardware from various manufacturers while maintaining maximum security of your data.

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The security of your data is our priority

Operated only in ISO 27001 certified data centers with physical security according to TIER III and guaranteed availability of 99.99%. Internal regulations set up according to CIS (Centre of Internet Security), and regular updates of the data security process.

Regular back-ups

We back up all your data once a day, and backup restore is tested at regular intervals.

High-availability mode

In the event of an outage of any of our services, its operation is automatically taken over by a redundant backup. It has exactly 60 seconds to kick on..

Hardware independence

Always the best hardware in terms of the price to performance ratio

The freedom to choose any HW for your energy management projects is a great advantage appreciated by many clients. We cooperate with manufacturers of meters and individual infrastructure elements, operating both locally and globally, and we are constantly integrating new ones.

Standard protocols

We use commonly available protocols M-Bus, Modbus, Wireless M-bus, Bacnet, Zigbee, MQTT and many others.

Ad-hoc integration

Do you have your own preferred hardware? It is not a problem for our team to integrate new types under our platform.

HW certification

If you are a hardware manufacturer and wish to include your product in our portfolio, contact us and we will arrange integration testing.

Internet of things

Support for IoT technologies

We work with all currently available IoT technologies: Sigfox, LoRa and NB IoT.


Sigfox with various specifications (RC2, RC4) is an interesting choice for monitoring and collecting energy and sensor data. Its disadvantage may be poor signal transmittance from areas below the surface. It uses ultra-narrowband technology and has wide coverage across continents.


LoRa is used increasingly more often not only in monitoring projects. It enables two-way communication and can also be used for control. Unlicensed spectrum and a high signal-to-noise ratio make it possible to achieve sufficient ranges of reach. It is possible to use public networks or build your own LoRa network.


This technology provides a highly permeable, secure and reliable connection of devices that are easily deployed in a network. The main benefits include low hardware and subscription costs. In addition, NB IoT guarantees a long battery life (up to 10 years).

Enectiva REST API

Connect Enectiva to your systems via API with ease

Enectiva REST API Librarian allows everyone to use the functionality of the Enectiva system without having to install the relevant hardware for automatic meter data collection. Thanks to API, you can integrate Enectiva with your company systems, accounting systems, website, and measurement and regulation systems (M&R). Currently, the API for sending energy readings and the customer’s own data series (e.g. data from a weather station) is fully available.

Example applications

…with BMS systems

Building management systems can send meter readings directly to Enectiva servers. This way, Enectiva can also be integrated with other manufacturers of meter reading hardware.

…with an accounting system

Expenses from energy bills may be sent directly to Enectiva which then uses them for the purposes of energy management related statistics. You no longer have to enter these data manually, the process can be fully automated.

…with corporate ERP systems

Similarly to accounting software, Enectiva can be integrated with other corporate systems. Enectiva can then process data on production, occupancy, sales and other parameters that are essential for any energy benchmarking as part of energy management.

…with the client’s own weather station

If you want your weather data to exactly correspond to the location of your property, you can connect your weather station directly to the Enectiva server – it will send temperature data which will be then linked to your account and gas and/or heat consumption statistics.

Machine Learning and AI

Advanced analytics for your data

Every hour, we process over 10,000 readings from energy meters and sensors. Such a data flow pretty much asks for the deployment of advanced data processing technologies. Whether it is machine learning or artificial intelligence elements, there is one common goal: to detect waste even faster and operate your technologies even more efficiently.

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