We also manage and monitor partial technologies

Not only entire buildings but also partial technological units or individual technologies can be under your control thanks to our app.

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Air conditioning, heating and cooling systems

Opportunity to streamline HVAC systems

Energy efficiency is a major challenge for companies operating in all industries these days. HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, Air-Conditioning) systems account for a large share of total consumption, and further growth is expected. Managers implement cost-saving projects in an effort to reduce consumption. Enectiva helps managers identify and utilize savings opportunities.

Automatic alerts

In case of an air conditioning, heating or cooling malfunction or issue, Enectiva will notify you automatically.

Save money and energy

Enectiva can be connected to existing measurement and regulation systems to monitor and manage technologies for efficient building management.

BMS connectivity

Enectiva saves you energy and money by ensuring that technology is used efficiently. This also results in a lower carbon footprint.

Photovoltaic power plant

Get the most out of solar energy

A photovoltaic power plant is an environmentally sound and clean way of generating electricity directly from the sun. However, even a photovoltaic power plant is not completely independent, it must be maintained. Enectiva simplifies the management and maintenance of photovoltaic power plants.

Malfunction detection

The comprehensive system of a photovoltaic power station may experience malfunctions from time to time. Enectiva efficiently detects malfunctions to ensure high efficiency.

Predicting power fluctuations

The output of a photovoltaic power plant varies depending on the season and the weather. Enectiva is able to predict such fluctuations.

Enectiva evaluates performance

With Enectiva, you can monitor and evaluate the performance of a photovoltaic power plant and manage power plants more conveniently.


Neonka Photovoltaic Power Plant - monitoring and control of a photovoltaic power plant from a single app

Neonka Photovoltaic Power Plant: monitoring and control of a photovoltaic power plant from a single app

Enectiva has solved several problems in these photovoltaic power plants (PV plants) at once: monitoring of the electricity generated and monitoring of the technical parameters of inverters, and, finally, remote control (not only) in the event of an outage. In the event of an outage, Enectiva will automatically notify the operator and ensure that the plant is reconnected, saving the operator not only a trip to the affected plant, but also money that it would otherwise lose if it were disconnected from the grid.

The Enectiva team installed the monitoring on the main four-quadrant electricity meter and the secondary electricity meter measuring the consumption of the PV plant technology, the Unipi PLC controller, which provides monitoring and automated control of the PV plant operation. We have also installed a backup GSM router to maintain control over the PV plant even in the event of an outage of the main Internet connection.

We also solved a problem with connecting the inverter monitoring. An older type of inverters was installed in the photovoltaic power plant, it was therefore necessary to integrate their proprietary protocol.

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