New Enectiva feature - Data series

What are data series? Data series represent any kind of information source. It could be values measured by a sensor, number of people in a room, voltage value etc. In Enectiva, you can input (manually or automatically) any series of data from any sensor or meter (for example CO2 sensor, humidity sensor, temperature sensor etc.), in case of factory, you can input the number of products produced. Enectiva will then display your data series in function of time or in function of other data series (CO2 level in function of time, CO2 level in function of people in the room, electricity consumption in function of one product produced, the possibilities are endless) Read more →

Energy Monitoring for Green Buildings part II

Enectiva credit assessment for LEED and BREEAM certifications.

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Energy Monitoring for Green Buildings part I

Knowing how a building works is important to monitor energy use in order to reduce energy consumption, operating costs and its environmental impact. The british BREEAM protocol and the american LEED protocol certify Green Buildings based on their various sustainable qualities and the reduction of overall energy consumption. In order to gain the biggest possible amount of points, a thoroughly done energy monitoring solution is crucial. The number of credits a Green Building has in the LEED and BREEAM certifications, gives various advantages linked to the higher property value for building owners and developers, increased occupancy rates and rent levels. Read more →

Typical examples for notification settings

Water consumption at night How to detect water leak before you receive an invoice at the end of the month? Create a notification in Enectiva app that will uncover the unusual water consumption at night and inform you immediately. You will receive an automatic email, when the set water consumption limit is exceeded within the selected time range. You will find out that the water pipe has broken, or your tenant forgot to turn off the faucet as soon as it happens. Read more →

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Energy Analytics

Energy management can be an overwhelming process, especially when overseeing a vast portfolio with a range of assets. Energy consumption data might just be something management accepts, while focusing on improving a different sector of the operation. After all, you can’t improve something you can’t measure. But with the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, massive changes can be made to the way we manage energy. Artificial intelligence has had an obvious impact on the world we live in, and has influenced multiple industries. Read more →
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