commercial buildings

Low operating costs with the same level of comfort

Is your commercial property managed efficiently? Energy efficiency has a major impact on operating costs but maintaining the necessary level of comfort for residents is critical.

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Office buildings

A smart solution for offices

Business centers have to deal with paperwork which can be simplified and significantly reduced with us. The app allows you to handle energy management, automate energy billing, and keep track of all documents. Get rid of mundane work and be more productive. If you see fit, you can share the app with tenants, provide access for their unit, and give them space to generate cost savings.

For managers and engineers

Enectiva is a solution for energy management of business centers. Grant access to tenants to allow them to track their energy consumption and costs.

No more paperwork

Enectiva simplifies the tedious billing-related administration. Manual readings are a thing of the past.

Enectiva saves

The app automatically detects waste, monitors the efficiency of individual technologies, and sends alerts. It encourages you to save energy.


Societe Generale

Komerční banka, a subsidiary of Société Générale, was working with collected energy data at its Czech branches but there was a potential for a much greater yield. The data from the meters did not provide the management with clear information on energy efficiency of the individual branches or the company as a whole. There was unnecessary waste.

The Enectiva team connected the existing facility management system with meter data without the need to purchase new hardware. Automatic reporting to managers and regional employees with energy efficiency details, leak alerts and an easy-to-use app environment make Enectiva a popular solution throughout the bank.

The outcome is comprehensive, fully automated energy management operated by a very small team of people. The excessive energy consumption has been dramatically reduced with the payback period for the client being only several months. The time required to detect incidents has also been significantly reduced.

energy in shopping centers

Efficient energy in shopping centers

Shopping centers often find it difficult to reduce their carbon footprint. However, energy savings are not a purely environmental issue, it is also an economic one. Reduced energy bills make every company more competitive. Take another step towards reducing the energy consumption of a shopping center with us.

Meters and sensors

Enectiva uses a system of wireless and wired meters and sensors for energy monitoring. This will make it easier for you to recognize opportunities for more efficient energy management.

BMS connectivity

If you have an existing M&R system in the center, its data can be fully utilized. We will connect to it and you will not have to invest in new hardware.

Alarms at your service

Enectiva alerts you to malfunctioning technical equipment using automatic alerts. It creates synergies between technology and human skills to optimize energy performance.


Arkády Pankrác Shopping Cente

The Arkády Pankrác Shopping Center, one of the largest shopping centers in the Czech Republic, uses the smart Enectiva system. It impressed them with its independence of the hardware used, one-stop-shop integration of all related energy management elements, and the ability to develop their own features including the ability to add customized dashboards.

The tenants in the Arkády Pankrác Shopping Center pay for energy consumption per individual stores. The meter reading was conducted monthly in a highly ineffective manner: a group of technicians had to manually read data from more than 200 meters.

The Enectiva team solved several problems in Arkády Pankrác. All meters are read automatically, and a brand-new indirect electricity metering system was installed in all 28 distribution substations. In addition, our team solved a problem with non-functional calorimeters.

Thanks to our app, the shopping center is currently evaluating newly implemented cost-saving projects focusing on air conditioning, cooling and heating systems.

Residential buildings

Tenants can also stay informed

Why are energy costs so high? Did you perhaps leave the light or water and air conditioning on over the weekend? How can you match payments and settlements from tenants? As an owner of a property or an apartment, you have certainly encountered similar problems. Enectiva will make property owners’ job easier and give tenants a clear idea of their consumption.

For building managers and owners

Fast energy consumption fee settlement in compliance with applicable legislation. Keep records of meter calibration and operating documents.

Access for tenants

he Enectiva app knows how to regularly distribute reports on energy consumption in a specific apartment. Give your tenants the ability to monitor their consumption.

In both old and modern buildings

We offer solutions for new as well as historical buildings where modern installations are difficult to implement. That is where we deploy wireless technology.


Energy management in a hotel = one step forward

Guest comfort and satisfaction is essential to hotels. Smooth operation and energy costs in check are required to ensure that everything in the hotel works well. In the hospitality sector, such costs are the second highest in the list of operating costs right after wages. 24/7 operation is very costly if done inefficiently and uneconomically. Today, much emphasis is also placed on environmental protection.

Consumption at a glance

The system of automatic reports will keep you in the loop at all times. How much water is used by each guest, how consumption differs between seasons. and what time is best to purchase energy. Enectiva will answer (not only) these questions.

Energy monitoring

Monitor energy demands of the kitchen or other hotel departments with Enectiva thanks to an analysis of trends for a specific room or season. Compare consumption among similar buildings. Enectiva encourages further savings.

Detects malfunctions and waste

Enectiva is an ideal solution for detecting malfunctions before their imminent negative impact, and for identifying waste to generate cost savings.

We are a partner for commercial buildings of all sizes.