Comprehensible energy management

Set up reports and notifications for high consumption

Clear energy data in one place

Quality information for quality decisions

Uncovering wasting, motivating savings

Energy management you understand

Without Enectiva

With Enectiva

Each month, a designated person spends one whole day making the rounds of all the energy and water meters in the building. He needs to go through shafts and narrow spaces and write down all the data.
Enectiva is a complete solution for energy monitoring that reads all the meters automatically in definable intervals and saves the data into a regularly backed up database.
The technician spends another hour entering the collected data in an Excel table and analyzing them. He may find out that some of the data are incorrect and needs to double-check them at the meters.
The technician as well as the management of the company have access to the data and analyses in Enectiva at all times. The system sends an alert to your mobile phone if certain limits are exceeded.
The data from the table are sent to the building owner, who then has to divide it up between the individual tenants, who then often complain about being wronged.
At the end of the month, accounting of all the energies is carried out automatically by Enectiva. The tenants have access to the application and can check their consumption any time.
It is the technician himself who usually comes up with the Excel tables and with the system of reading the meters – this means that there is no one who can work with the data when the technician is sick or on holiday.
Access to application may be granted to an unlimited number of users. Energy data are available to the management of the company and to the tenants at all times.