I am Enectiva. Your online building management platform

We connect your buildings to the online world of energy and technology management to reduce the administrative burden and to maximize savings on operating costs.

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We make the world more efficient

Transfer your facility management to the 21st century and take care of everything online! Energy management, technology management as well as document management.

Why Enectiva?

Let Enectiva do your work!

One platform for the entire building management

A single application for monitoring, controlling and managing all your buildings.

All IoT technologies supported

LoRa, Sigfox, NB IoT networks are already integrated.

Connect buildings to cloud services

Data-driven automated buildings for their higher performance

Single license, unlimited number of users

Transparent payment policy, zero hidden costs.

High Security & Confidentiality

Certified data centers, encrypted and secure connections.

Your building needs us ...

We make them more efficient, sustainable, and happy!

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Say goodbye to spreadsheets, manual readings, and inefficient technologies

Smart energy management driven by data analytics, straightforward facility management for swift one-stop-shop management of all activities and technologies with an emphasis on low energy consumption.

our solution

We connect the worlds of IoT, energy and management into a single functional unit

Enectiva finds application in various segments which it interconnects: data collection from energy meters, comprehensive facility management and the need for automated technology management.

"It would be just another software, it's our passion for technology that makes it different. And we still haven't found the edge..."

Technology & security

Maximum security for your data

Physical security is guaranteed by operations that take place in ISO 27001 and TIER III certified data centers. In addition, automatic backups and redundant operation in the high-availability (HA) mode ensure that the app remains operational under any circumstances.

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Technology & security

Hardware independence

Meters and products from various producers may be integrated into our platform. Every project is specific and the ability to use various types of hardware elements with various protocols is a huge advantage. Wired and wireless elements may be combined, and various data transmission networks may be used. Fixed, mobile and IoT such as LoRa, Sigfox, Narrow Band IoT.

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