We are a technology company!

Enectiva was created by Enerfis and it has a special place in our hearts! Our headquarters is located in Prague, heart of the Europe, and we are growing step-by-step to reach customers in different parts of the world! We have been developing Enectiva since 2011, we have been improving its features ever since. We are doing our job with a clear vision of energy efficient and sustainable world.

our team

We are a team of professionals with a clear vision

Developers, power experts, hardware specialists, engineers and builders make Enectiva a unique application that is a joy to work with. We place emphasis on the diversity of our team that can combine various disciplines. We have been developing Enectiva since 2012 and we keep improving it constantly.

Our values

Building blocks of our company

We believe that efficient energy consumption makes sense, and an efficient world is our future. Similarly, the efficiency of human labor is the key to further advancement in any field. That is why we help owners and operators of properties of various types or of individual technologies not only to reduce their energy intensity and carbon footprint, but also to streamline their work procedures.

We play fair

We pay our debts, and respect our competition. And it is our competition what makes our product better.

Equal opportunities

Gender, nationality and age do not matter. On our team, results and abilities is what counts.

No subsidies

We pride ourselves on the fact that our development is driven mainly by a satisfied customer and our partners.

What keeps us going

Long term vision to push our limits

Our visions, ideas of our team, users and partners. The world of technology offers unlimited possibilities, and we enjoy exploring them. It is an adventurous journey where dead ends are balanced by peaks with 360° views of the horizon.

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