Industrial buildings

We reduce the energy demand of industry

Focus on your core activities and let our app worry about energy efficiency. We bring cost reduction, technology automation, and carbon footprint monitoring

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Warehouses, distribution and logistics centers

Store your goods, we will save your energy

Warehouses and distribution buildings are large buildings used to store and distribute various products. In this type of buildings, energy is consumed primarily by lighting and the correct temperature regulation (heating, cooling…) to store products. Enectiva helps achieve efficient building and savings management.

Monitor temperature and humidity

Energy monitoring, regulation and benchmarking for everyday activities are the most powerful tools for reducing energy waste.

Gate opening time

Reducing the gate opening times gives you the opportunity to reduce heating costs and allows managers to monitor the loading and unloading times.

Costs and carbon footprint

VEverything you see in the app can be shown in units of energy, cash or CO2 equivalent.

production plants and factories

We are a partner for all good managers

High amounts of energy are consumed in production plants every year. Enectiva helps manufacturers of all sizes to improve their energy balance and save money. We fully automate energy management related activities. With Enectiva, manufacturers learn how to make better decisions concerning energy management.


With Enectiva, you monitor energy consumption, temperatures, and humidity, as well as gate opening times. Automatic critical consumption alerts are sent via e-mail or text message.


We will be your reliable partner for any cost-saving project in or on your building (whether you are installing new lighting or a photovoltaic power plant).

Measurement and regulation

Energy monitoring will open your eyes, but you will not achieve any savings without a quick response. We connect both of these worlds to maximize savings.


Adient monitors all details of energy consumption with Enectiva

AAdient is a U.S. company and the largest global supplier of car seats. Its Czech branch decided to deploy our system for energy monitoring, indoor microclimate parameters, and the subsequent regulation of the reserved capacity.

The problem was clear: in the production halls, the meters were placed only on the primary distribution meters, but it was not possible to analyze how much electricity was consumed by which part of the production plant. Only the total amount for the entire hall appeared on the invoices. However, absolute amounts provide enough information to answer the following questions: Why are we paying that much and where can we save?

The Enectiva team installed secondary meters on the individual sub-appliances, creating a complete power, gas and water metering system which alerts the client to any leaks or inefficiencies. We also added wireless sensors of humidity and temperature in the hall. In addition, we implemented industrial gate opening time monitoring – if a gate stays open for too long, making it possible, for example, for heat to escape, an alarm will be triggered to alert authorized persons.

Data centers

Efficient data centers with active cooling

Demands for computing capacity are increasing every year which places great demands on servers and energy consumption on the servers. Such increasing capacity, of course, leads to an increase in the energy consumed, including but not limited to specialized cooling and other HVAC technologies. Energy consumption is becoming a key factor for data center operations. Reducing the carbon footprint and energy consumption while maintaining the same level of performance poses a major challenge. We handle energy without compromises.

Cooling sensors

The key data center technology requires constant monitoring. We also back it up with automatic reports.

Alarms and alerts

Set a consumption limit with Enectiva – once it is exceeded, you will receive an alert, giving you full control over energy consumption. Save energy for better performance and lower costs.

Environmental aspects

Enjoy automated monitoring of your carbon footprint according to ISO 14064 and ISO 14067 with detailed analysis.

Are you thinking about reducing your energy intensity?