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We will eliminate waste in public buildings -

You will have a good idea of energies consumed and opportunities for savings. Enectiva helps smart cities meet the requirements of the internationally recognized ISO 50001 standard, and reduce paperwork with its Facility module.

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Hospitals and healthcare facilities

Energy management in healthcare facilities

Hospitals, clinics, health centers or, for example, maternity hospitals are places where major moments of our lives take place. Such buildings have high energy consumption demands because they often provide their services 24/7 regardless of cost. However, buildings of this type can be efficient, too. Healthcare facilities offer many areas for savings and streamlining energy management.

Management overview

Our app will deliver to you the energy management results as well as individual consumption analyses and consolidated summaries.

Quick waste analysis

We identify areas suitable for investment, and simplify administration to obtain more funding for further city development.

Data collection

Thanks to the use of modern networks and the support of IoT technologies, it is easy for us to collect the data necessary for the right city management decisions.

lightning in cities

Cost-effective remote-controlled lighting

Outdoor lighting serves all residents at night and ensures safety for drivers and pedestrians. As the lighting is on all night, it accounts for a significant part of the municipalities' total electricity consumption. Electricity consumption and maintenance costs can be reduced by Enectiva, a system of effective control and online monitoring of energies. The city’s public works employees will appreciate the ability to turn lights on and off via SMS.

Consumption and expenses

With Enectiva, all employees responsible for energy management have the ability to monitor both consumption and expenses. They can monitor the values by individual supply points or consolidated for the entire city.

Monitoring of EPC projects

Enectiva also includes automatic evaluation of public lighting related cost-saving projects. All this makes the Enectiva app a straight-forward part of municipal administration.

Control via SMS

This is the simplest but very popular form of control of public lighting switchboards. You can light up the entire city with a single command or a specific switchboard when repairing a specific light.

City halls, offices and schools

Enectiva will lead you to savings in public buildings

Schools mold the youth, libraries educate the general public, fire departments save lives. All public buildings have a specific and important purpose. Public administrators face a major challenge: How to manage a large portfolio of various public buildings (courts, schools, libraries, offices, post offices and others) in a controlled and cost-effective manner? Enectiva saves money, simplifies administration, and keeps you up to speed. Contributing to savings is motivating for everyone.

We detect waste

We automatically evaluate whether municipal buildings are operated economically. More buildings mean a higher probability of an incident or incorrectly configured technology.

You can manage buildings from anywhere

The city's chief energy officer has the ability to manage technology in buildings from the comfort of their office or home. Reconfigure the heating, change the lighting time mode, or adjust the indoor temperature online.

ISO 50001

We bring a system to things. If you implement the ISO 50001 energy management system, you have fulfilled 90% of the standard’s requirements. We will also help you with the remaining administration.


Energy management - a long distance run

Playing fields, swimming pools, ice rinks… all these locations usually consume a lot of energy and are extremely difficult to keep profitable. The technological diversity of ice hockey, swimming and other stadiums is the reason why efficient energy management is necessary. In addition, sport facilities consume huge amounts of hot water, they must be air-conditioned and heated to ensure the right temperature. They are a challenge for all technical managers.

Enjoy an overall view

With Enectiva, you are perfectly informed about the performance and consumption of technological equipment (such as heating, cooling, lighting, air conditioning...). Such technologies also have a huge impact on total operating costs.

We will keep track of your obligations

Not only monitoring, but management and monitoring of obligations are also part of our app. You will never miss a revision or energy audit again. The application will watch your obligations for you.

Building management

Not only during a pandemic is it possible to use the remote administration feature. Your technician will no longer make in-person trips to the buildings to make changes to configurations. They can control all buildings from a single app.


Smart City Mělník

We have implemented smart metering on city buildings and public lighting in Mělník. These include the city hall, schools, offices, asylum facilities and other buildings that the city rents out. The idea is to monitor the electricity, water, heat and gas consumed in these buildings and the internal temperatures inside the buildings in real time, and to subsequently achieve maximum efficiency during their utilization.

80+ points of supply distributed throughout the city are monitored. Two central locations with the BO 160 antenna were enough to ensure coverage because a technology operating at the 169 MHz frequency was selected. One central receiver was placed on the city hall tower and the other on one of the monitored schools. Over time, this technology was suitably complemented by LoRa and NB IoT.

The city gained a tool that saves time, but it also gained a very effective tool for detecting losses, leakages and waste in the energy economy that the city had faced in the past.

“By using Enectiva, we have achieved significantly higher efficiency of energy management. We have been using Enectiva since 2015, and during this time we have managed to detect several energy leaks which could not be detected without continuous readings and which basically returned the investment in the system within one year. On a similar note, I personally, as the city’s chief energy officer, appreciate the considerable reduction in spending on in-person inspections of points of supply and the associated administration.”

said Juraj Rapant / Chief Energy Officer, Mělník

We will prove to you that our solutions pay off.