Property management made easy and organized

Facility is an application that simplifies property management for you. It takes care of the organization of all your records of devices, technologies, the actual buildings, and tenants. It automatically alerts you to upcoming audits or inspections. It is an application from the Enectiva universe with a connection to energy management and M&R.

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all documents at one place

Fast and efficient document management

Keep documents, pictures and dwg plans safe and available at all times. Facility allows you to store any number of files with the size of each file limited to 50MB. In addition, you can color code your documents by type or merge multiple files into one document. Similarly, you can link a document to a task.

clear agenda

Operation related tasks

This is where you can see all scheduled tasks. You can also view documents that are about to expire. You can toggle between month or week views, or you can view your daily and weekly agenda that shows all events scheduled for today or the current week. On the right, you can see all the missing requests with a scheduling or completion proposal.

be up to date with the calendar

Integrated calendar

All scheduled and expired events are shown in a well-arranged calendar. This allows you to schedule more events for a single device or the entire building. You can attach the necessary documentation to the individual events or schedule an alert that will alert you to an upcoming energy audit or another task.

overview of devices

Keeping track of devices and technologies

You need to have a clear idea of the devices, technologies and types of meters used in your facility. Do you wish to make a note of their weight, dimensions, output, date of commissioning, or supplier’s contact details? That is exactly why we give users the opportunity to define their own types of these elements as well as the individual parameters to be recorded.

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