The Price of Energy Data

Are you a property manager, facility manager, building administrator or a building owner? Then you have most likely already dealt with the question of how to collect energy data from your building in an efficient way. Manual meter reading carried out by a technician is still the most widely used method. However, this obsolete method is, in some ways, unreliable and time- and money-consuming, and the larger the portfolio of administered buildings, the more difficult the reading gets.

There are various solutions to this problem, one of them is Enectiva. However, everyone who wants to work with energy data needs to accept the fact that even automatic data collection is not free either. There are expenses that need to be taken into account, like the costs of a suitable software or of remote meters (usually of both).

Clients (companies) of the energy management market can be divided into two main groups: those who have already realized the importance of quality energy data and those who will realize it in the future. This month only I have encountered three cases of unnecessary wasting that could have been prevented if a competent energy monitoring system had been installed. These cases were: 1.2 million CZK worth of leaked gas; 20.000 CZK of damages caused by a defective safety valve in a boiler room; and 200.000 CZK worth of wasting caused by an incorrectly set up cooling system.

The companies involved in the above mentioned issues have learned their lesson and they now see the price of energy data from a whole new perspective.