Monitoring Based Comissioning for LEED Certification

As the green economy grows, a LEED certification can go a long way in terms of fulfilling a companies goals towards being energy efficient, and environmentally concious. LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a geen building rating system, recognized around the world as a symbol of sustainability achievement.

LEED certification is relevant for every type of buidling, in all phases. From corporate offices, to hospitals, to single family homes, a LEED certification can be a valuable investment for any property owner or manager.

Return on investment can be extremely rewarding, even after just 1 year of operation. On average, LEED certified buildings use 25% less energy, and 11% less water, than buildings without LEED certification. The USGBC (United States Green Buildings Council) estimates a 9% decrease on average in overall operating costs for certified buildings within 12 months.

So, how does your property obtain such a prestigeous, valuable certification? Monitoring Based Commissioning (MBCx) is important part of that process.

MBCx is a continuous process to ensure optimal performance throughout the facility. Consumption data is monitored, and analyzed at all times, so any fault, or inefficiency is immediately detectable. This means building operators can pinpoint unusual consumption as it occurs, resulting in higher buidling performance.

The main benefits of using the Enectiva energy management tool for the monitoring based comissioning are:

  1. Shorter time needed for monitoring based comissioning
  2. Less administration with LEED reporting
  3. Reduction of expenses on LEED certification
  4. Automatic detection of wasting energy

This evolution in commissioning is widely accepted as an industry best practice. MBCx solutions constantly monitor the operation, through customized solutions designed for a wide range of facilities. The process involves energy sub-metering for building systems. In addition to energy consumption, water, electricity, and gas are all tracked and analyzed in order to detect defenciencies and determine opportunities for improvement. This information is regularly transmitted to a remote location, easily accessible for property managers, and owners.

Developing a MBCx solution is an excellent step towards maximum efficiency for your operation, as well as a LEED certification. These solutions can be performed by an energy management service provider, such as Enectiva. Our team is proud of our ability to customize solutions for any project or operation through collaboration, and a flexible approach to monitoring based commissioning. Innovative, accurate, and easy to use, our cloud-based solution helps the user manage consumption with emergency alerts and notifications sent to an email or mobile phone. We believe energy monitoring should be simple, and serve the needs of the user.

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