Schools, libraries and other public buildings

With Enectiva, you are able to keep an eye on individual technologies. One of the technologies that needs constant supervision is street lighting. Using the Enectiva system, you can monitor the consumption at various parts of the network at the same time, assess the efficiency of newly installed lighting sources or count savings.

Administration Buildings

You are able to monitor the consumption and expenses of the individual tenants and systems in the building and you have the operating costs under control. The accounting of energies is simple with automatic meter readings.

Sport centers

Keeping the operation energy efficient is a key factor in running a profitable sports center. With Enectiva, you can lower the expenses by finding the ways in which to reduce consumption.

Industrial buildings and compounds

By optimizing the energy demands of the building, you save money which can be used for investment. Enectiva is a complete solution that substitutes a whole team of energy managers and that will help you gain insight into the operation of the individual parts of the compound.

Hospitals and medical facilities

In medical centers, energy efficiency is often a second-rate issue, superseded by the concern for the patients. However, any building administrator appreciates if he or she is able to detect wasting or to motivate the individual wards to save energy.

Smart City

With Enectiva, you are able to monitor any parameters related to energy efficiency that you can think of. Expenses within whole villages, cities or even counties, energy saving projects or complex consumption analyses – all in just one application.

Apartment Buildings

Enectiva is a tool for monitoring consumption of the individual units in the building. The tenants can adjust their consumption according to their deposit or see their consumption compared to the building´s average. All the data are saved regularly so you can go back to any parameter at any given time.

Business Centers

Make your life easier and your administration much simpler with the automatic accounting tool of Enectiva. Forget about manual readings of meters and get ready to detect any wasting or technical problems immediately.

Street lighting in villages and cities

Enectiva is an ideal solution for villages and cities. Using Enectiva, the employees of town administration responsible for monitoring the consumption of street lighting can follow the expenses closely.

Cost-saving projects

Do you want to know how successful your saving or EPC project is? The Enectiva on-line system of energy monitoring provides you with an automatic analysis of your saving projects – monthly savings are calculated and reported, cash-flow is analyzed and future development is predicted.


The occupancy rate and comfort of the guests are usually more important than energy efficiency in hotels. However, applying the Enectiva on-line energy management system enables you to detect wasting and motivate your employees to behave economically.