Labor productivity - we bring a tip to increase it

Everybody of us gets tired from time to time in the workplace. For companies, however, this factor is directly related to the productivity of employees and therefore the profit of the company. There is a simple and effective solution to prevent this problem.

Nowadays it belongs to the very popular form of the so called openoffice workspace. It offers a lot of jobs for a lot of people on a relatively small area and thus saving money for employers. But the employer can lose them very quickly if employees are not as efficient as they should be.

One of the most common causes of fatigue in the workplace is a simple lack of oxygen , which can occur very quickly in a crowded area which is not ventilated. The sophistication of the excess CO2, however, is that it is creeping and does not appear at once, so most of us will not even realize that it should open the window to change air. However, Enectiva found a simple solution.

The technology offered by Enectiva basically works on the same basis as a conventional thermostat. In addition to temperature and humidity, it also measures the amount of carbon dioxide particles in the air. This is measured in so-called ppm (parts per million) units and the recommended amount of CO2 in the room, which does not yet affect the individual’s condition, corresponds to about 1000 ppm. However, in a non-ventilated office, this amount will double up in just three hours! No wonder employees can be tired and unconcentrated.



Our technology is easy to connect to a computer or phone. Therefore, if the CO2 is exceeded, you can easily be alerted, for example, by an SMS message. For more demanding users it is no problem to create an optical or sound system that will be connected to our sensor and which will alert the user at the current time that he should open a window, for example by means of a lit diode located at your chosen location.

In addition to the indisputable benefits in reducing fatigue, our technology also helps to reduce morbidity in the workplace . Especially during the winter period, regular ventilation is neglected, despite the fact that at this time of year the concentration of harmful microbes in enclosed spaces is the highest ever. In addition to classic office space , our technology is also ideally suited to schools where students’ attention drops sharply with each passing hour, or to offices and public places where the concentration of people in the space is an everyday struggle.

Performance curve during the day:

Výkonnostní křivka v průběhu dne

Source: National Institute of Public Health

Simple solutions are the most effective . Last but not least, our technology also affects the mental state of our employees, because with a fresh and healthy mind everyone works better and returns to their responsibilities instead. In this case, our engineers have succeeded in opening new possibilities for present and future generations and it would be a shame not to use them.

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