Enectiva as a platform for the spot market

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Enectiva team

The spot market is an interesting space for a large number of consumers who manage their electricity or gas consumption or realize it at times when the price of energy is lower. These are mainly night hours or on weekends and public holidays. In these times, energy is several times cheaper than during peak hours, when energy is scarce and its price increases.

Functioning spot market trades require precise consumption monitoring and this is exactly what Enectiva can do. Erste Energy, a subsidiary of Česká spořitelna, was the first to use this functionality. Enectiva provides hourly consumption data for electricity (the so-called hourly profile) and the same profile for gas consumption. Data is transferred in real time from the customer to the Enectiva server, where it is accessible for further processing within Erste Energy.

Main advantages:

  • very effective way of monitoring usable for the spot market

  • documents for invoicing to customers

  • direct connection with OTE.