Influence of average daily temperature on water consumption

We are a Czech technology startup and our field is energy data collection and analysis. We bring you another of our reports, which aims to inform the public about interesting findings that provide us with data on energy consumption. This time it is water. Specifically, the influence of external temperature on its consumption.

The current hot summer days and the ever-increasing drought that prevailed in our country prompted us to investigate this phenomenon. In countries where most water is consumed in agriculture, the dependence between average daily temperature and water consumption will be significant from the logic of the matter, but how is it in the Czech Republic? In a country where only up to 10% of all water is consumed in agriculture and industry and energy account for the largest share?

We have selected daily data on water consumption in office buildings and industrial sites over the last two years. They cleaned up this consumption data for holidays, all season of Christmas, weekends, and holidays. The effects of holidays and production downturns could significantly distort our temperature analysis.


The result is a clear relationship between the external average daily temperature and water consumption. Specifically, this is an increase of 3.2% for every 10 °C. Increasing the average daytime temperature also has a noticeable effect in these types of operations.

Other interesting findings about water consumption:

  • In office buildings we use the most water on Mondays and Wednesdays. There is also a much more significant decline on Thursday and Friday compared to industrial operations.


  • April is the thirsty month in the commercial sector as regards administration, and June in the industrial sector. Industry shows much smaller fluctuations in individual months compared to administration throughout the year.


  • According to the average daily profile, most of the water in industrial areas is consumed between 12-13h, ie at lunch time. In administrative operations, these peaks are noticeable two. Lunch and breakfast. The industry shows many times higher water consumption at night associated with multi-shift operations.


In conclusion

Water is the most valuable raw material we have. We are always pleased if our online application avoids unnecessary waste. From our report, the temperature dependence can be proven also in the types of operations where water is used primarily for cooling of technological processes and also for our personal needs. If you have any questions or comments regarding our report, please contact us at

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