Smart City - technologies as a solution to the problems of the city

„Smart City“, currently a very popular term, encompasses in itself many meanings. Generally speaking, the term refers to application of modern technologies to operation of towns and cities. Modern technologies can be applied within many sectors, including transportation, power engineering, waste treatment, lighting, medical care, etc. – all these can be improved by modern technologies.

Enectiva & Smart city

The aim of such solutions (putting aside political and business-related objectives) is creating a city which is comfortable to live in and cheaper to maintain. At least these should be the reasons why politicians get involved in the introduction of Smart City projects in their towns, cities or regions. Our company focuses on intelligent energy monitoring using the Enectiva application.

Our aims within Smart City:

  • reduction of energy demands and ecological strain
  • simplification of the administration processes related to energy management
  • reduction of operating costs and energy costs
  • provision of a system that is not dependent on subsidies

Currently, around 15 cities in the Czech Republic use our application, including Mělník, Jeseník, Havířorv, Luhačovice. The portfolio keeps expanding. The way our monitoring is used changes as well. Originally, the application monitored energy consumed by street lights; in particular it was designed to analyze cost-saving projects within the regulation of street lighting. The scope of the application has since then been expanded by monitoring of heat, gas and water in schools, kindergartens and city offices. Mělník’s Chief Energy Manager Mr. Juraj Rapant provided us with the following reference:

«Thanks to our cooperation with Enerfis, we started using the Enectiva solution and we achieved a much more efficient system of energy management within the city. We started with monitoring of cost-saving projects in the field of street lights, and since then we have been gradually adding more features, including monitoring of water, electricity, and gas consumption. We have been using Enectiva for over a year, and during this time we were able to detect numerous cases of energy wasting which we would not be able to detect without continuous meter reading. These savings paid off our initial investment in just one year. As a Chief Power Engineer, I appreciate that the costs for physical meter reading have been reduced (as the meters are installed all around the city), and that the administration tasks needed to process energy data from all meters have been made simpler. »