SMS notifications: the most important notifications always at hand

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Jakub Zogata

From February, in addition to e-mail, you can have Enectiva send you SMS notifications. Setting and silencing such a notification is easy and intuitive. A short alert will buzz in your pocket only after reaching the limit you previously set and will not disturb you if you are currently on vacation!

Why add an SMS alert?

In the event of really acute events, such as a large-scale water leakage or other energy consumption, it is advisable to have a warning immediately at hand. That is why we have expanded Enectiva with SMS notifications, which allow each user to add a telephone number to which notifications of extraordinary and severe conditions will go.

How do I set up an SMS notification?

In the Enectiva application, in the Notifications tab, in addition to the e-mail notifications, you can easily add notifications to an SMS. After clicking Set up a phone number for SMS notifications at the bottom of the page, you will be prompted to enter a phone number. Then you will receive a verification code via SMS, which you will enter and confirm in the application. Alerts can then go to this number.

To activate this additional service and set an individual limit (number) of SMS notifications contact us. Due to the fact that SMS messages are charged by operators, the price for one telephone number added to the service is CZK 50 without VAT per month. After exceeding the limit of 30 SMS messages, each costs another CZK 2. The extension of the limits can be set permanently for just one month, as needed.

From now on, you can receive notifications not only by e-mail, but directly through SMS, if you check this option when adding a new or updating an existing notification. Congratulations! :-)

From now on, you can choose whether you will receive the notification by e-mail, by SMS or both. Within one organization (one customer), each user with unique login data can set their own number, where SMS messages will be sent.

What is good to know?

You can still customize alerts as you normally would, and send them as SMS and / or email alerts. We add SMS notifications to customers' wishes to be promptly notified if necessary.

Alerts will not disturb you while you are on vacation. You can simply turn off SMS notifications both in advance (for example, if you know you will be on holiday at the end of the month) or with immediate effect.

Each customer has a set limit that the administrator can view and check. They have an overview of the number of sent SMS notifications. If necessary, they can request an increase in the limit for SMS messages above the basic budget. Before the limit for the customer is used up, all users using SMS notifications will receive an email about the approach to the limit.

Notifications of all kinds that energy management applications Enectiva offers will save you time, money and effort. You will discover the waste immediately. Enectiva will alert you wherever you are and you can solve the issue immediately.

Do you have a question about SMS notifications or do you have an idea how to make our service even better? Don’t have Enectiva yet? I will be looking forward to your e-mails at