Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Energy Analytics

Energy management can be an overwhelming process, especially when overseeing a vast portfolio with a range of assets. Energy consumption data might just be something management accepts, while focusing on improving a different sector of the operation. After all, you can’t improve something you can’t measure. But with the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, massive changes can be made to the way we manage energy.

Artificial inteligence and machine learning algorythm

Artificial intelligence has had an obvious impact on the world we live in, and has influenced multiple industries. From big data, to fraud detection, AI has shown its value, and its presence will only increase in the workplace.

Recent trends have suggested AI will soon make a splash in the energy industry. Although it is still developing, artificial intelligence has shown the ability to make smart electric grids more efficient, and identify faulty equipment and machinery before it is a problem. Through these observations, businesses can prevent accidents or machinery failure, while saving time and money. AI has incredible potential to change energy consumption, as well as create massive opportunities for savings.

AI systems, such we use in Enectiva will be able to identify opportunities for savings that have never been identified before. Our technology is able to continuously track and analyze mass amounts of consumption data, and determine how to best allocate resources, as well as opportunities to save energy and money. Enectiva helps the user keep a constant eye on facilities in order to immediately detect inefficiencies

At the end of the day, the thing that we care about most is the bottom line. Technology advancements are great, but they need to have a realistic application and obvious benefits. Sustainability certifications, and green buildings are nice, but we want to make money. Investments need to be rewarding long term, and add value to an operation. Artificial intelligence in energy analytics will do just that. In the contemporary workplace, we often accept our energy consumption as something that is too difficult to examine and manage. But through these innovations, we can commit to a more sustainable environment while also maximizing the efficiency of business processes. By cutting operating costs, and increasing efficiency, the investment in artificial intelligence in energy analytics has potential to be very rewarding.

Our team has worked with companies from a wide range of sectors. From smart cities, to corporate office spaces and factories, to healthcare facilities, the enectiva team is dedicated to creating customized solutions to make your operation more efficient, sustainable, and most importantly, profitable.

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