AI working for a green future: predictive controlling

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Enectiva team

In the digital age, one of the most valuable assets a company can hold is data. Data makes it possible to acquire the desired knowledge, which in turn always proves to be critical to give the company a comparative advantage. In the specific case of energy controlling and facilities management, predictive controlling can decrease the consumption and the carbon footprint even further than before. And Enectiva is working on it to soon be able to provide you with such a powerful tool.

What is an AI and how does it work?

The term Artificial Intelligence can be misleading. While it does have the term “intelligence” in its very name, it cannot be compared to intelligence as we commonly understand it. Intelligence, such as the one that humans possess, but also animals to different degrees, is called a broad intelligence. Living beings are adaptable to an enormous panel of situations and continuously learn on the go. 

AI technology on the other hand has what is called a narrow intelligence. An AI programmed to play chess, drive a car, or predict energy consumption can be extremely effective in that domain, often much more efficient and faster than humans would be, but would be completely unable to perform what we consider to be a simple task, such as recognising an apple for example.

What is predictive controlling

So, a narrow intelligence focused on energy savings can help with what is called predictive controlling. Energy consumption happens on a day-to-day basis, and reading past data can help create trends, which are already a huge added value in terms of energy management. However, being able to predict future consumption instead of simply relying on trends is much more effective, let alone act on them proactively.

AI uses past and current data to build a database of knowledge that it then uses to predict the most effective consumptions with all the parameters considered. By taking into account the past and the present, the prediction of future parameters becomes extremely advantageous.

Reacting faster to leaks, proactively changing the consumption parameters depending on weather conditions or usage prediction, or in other words, saving time and money. Such a tool, together with the ISO50001 certification, make up the perfect solution to face energy prices spikes and climate change.

Can Enectiva help with that?

Absolutely. The software features the use of AI to help you reduce your energy consumption, lower your CO2 emissions, and be energy smart. If you have any questions about the subject, do not hesitate to contact us at and we will gladly answer you.