Water leaks - what harms them, how to detect them and how to prevent more damage?

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Enectiva team

Recent studies have found that the most common type of accident in buildings is leaking water. But what is its danger? In addition to the high cost of leaking water, it is mainly the damage that water can do. It is the most common reason for starting corrosion and deterioration of concrete. This is because corrosion of reinforced concrete structures is only possible in the presence of three substances - water, oxygen and corrosive agents such as chlorides and carbon dioxide. Leaking water is an ideal electrolyte that is one of the basic preconditions for corrosion. But leaking water can damage much more - utilities, lighting, building equipment, etc. - The damage can easily climb to hundreds of thousands euros. However, as already mentioned, we must not forget the very price of wasted water - it can reach up to dozens of thousands euros per year. Water leaks are most often caused by poor construction of water supply networks, unsuitable material, poor craftsmanship or gradual decline in the quality of the material used due to long-term use.

The most common reasons for water leaks in buildings

1. Flowing toilet

Toilets in public and commercial buildings are very often used. This causes them to wear out quickly. However, their repair is relatively easy and inexpensive. All the more serious, however, are the consequences if the repair is neglected. Flowing toilet consumes up to 700 m3 of water annually, which is about 2 000 EUR. The only positive is that the water flows directly into the sewer and therefore does not cause any property damage.

2.Dripping tap

As with toilets, the most common reason for dripping faucet is worn out material. The dripping tap can consume about 20 m3 of extra water per year, for which you will pay CZK 1,600. One dripping faucet will not have a significant impact on the water bill, but it is still worth repairing the faucet, whether in terms of finance or comfort.

3. Ceiling water leaks from the upper floors

This type of leakage is most often caused by a leaking membrane. Water can easily penetrate the concrete slabs, which can be identified by water stains on the floor ceiling below. This results in the spread of mold, but also damage the building structure itself. If the leak is not detected in time, you can pay very significant sums of money.

4. Pipe leaks

Damaged pipe lines are one of the most common reasons for water leaks. This is due to the fact that pipes often crack due to low temperatures or simply start to show corrosion. At the same time, water leaks caused by pipelines do some of the greatest damage. This is due to the enormous amount of water leaking - up to 1000 l of water per hour can leak from a 6 mm diameter pipe (of course, depending on the leakage rate and water pressure). At the same time, we often notice pipe leaks only when water causes damage to construction and property, or when water suddenly heats up a part of a building. The worst case is when you notice it on the invoice.

Why is Enectiva worthwhile?

Enectiva automatically reads the water meters in real time, so it can instantly detect water leaks and send you a warning message. Its operation costs EUR 2.5 per meter per month . Take an example of the Town Hall buildings:

1. Case without Enectiva


An accident occurred in the town hall building and on March 11, 15 m3 of water began to leak daily. Since the water meters were read monthly, no one noticed. The manager discovered the leak only when he noticed visible damage to the building’s construction on 20 March and called the technician. Total price for leakage - 12 000 CZK for leaked water (at the price of 80 CZK for water and sewerage for 1 m3) + 115 000 CZK for repairs of property damage .

2. Scenario if the building above used Enectiva


An accident occurred in the town hall building and on March 11, 15 m3 of water began to leak daily. Enectiva noticed that the limits were exceeded and immediately contacted the manager who called the plumbers. Total price for leakage: 1 200 CZK for leaked water (at the price of 80 CZK for water and sewerage for 1 m3). Property damage is minimal in this case.