Administration Buildings

Enectiva is a complex software solution designed for building owners, administrators and property and facility managers. It offers comprehensive information about energy management, as well as about the usability of the leased areas, about the results of cost-saving projects and measures and about the tenants' invoices. In this way, Enectiva makes administration of buildings and building compounds both easier and cheaper. When combined with automatic and remote meter reading systems, Enectiva enables you to calculate the charges of individual tenants automatically. Information about operating expenditure, as well as revision and waste collection fees, is also included in the system. One of the benefits of the system is that your tenants can have access to the application so that they may keep track of their consumption expenses.

Main benefits of the administration buildings segment

  • Reduction of administration costs connected to building operation and invoicing of energy
  • charges;
  • reduction of wage expenses; and
  • Enectiva detects wasting and reduces the energy demands of your building.
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