Apartment Buildings

Have you ever wondered why your energy expenses are so high? If you want to know the consumption of your apartment exactly, choose Enectiva. We offer a simplified, easily operated version of the Enectiva system designed for apartment buildings and individual flats. Among the functions of this solution are monitoring, reporting, providing information on the consumption of the individual energies and respective expenses. In one of its set ups, the system regularly sends you reports on the energy consumption in your apartment in comparison with the building´s average so that you always know that you should improve your use of energy. You may also use the application for invoicing, archiving of the invoices, deposit policies, real-time monitoring of the deposits, or for sending automatic reports in case certain (adjustable) limits are exceeded. Simply put, Enectiva is a complete tool of energy management of apartments.

Main benefits of the apartments and apartment building version

  • Online, real-time monitoring of consumption, invoicing and deposits;
  • motivation through the comparison with neighbors; and
  • keeping track of the results of cost-saving measures implemented in your apartment.
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