Hospitals and medical facilities

Hospitals, clinics, health centers and maternity hospitals are places where we heal our illnesses and where most of us were born. Such buildings also have high energy demands, but they usually offer many possibilities of saving energy and achieving energy efficiency. If you use the Enectiva online energy management system, you will be able to keep track of your achievements in terms of energy. The system also helps hospital managers to monitor energy consumption not only in the whole compound, but also in its individual parts and sections. Quick detection of wasting, finding places suitable for investments, simplification of administration of energy data – these are only some of the benefits of Enectiva. As it is the case also with public buildings and cities, hospitals may be compared in terms of energy with similar buildings via Enectiva.

Main benefits of the hospital and medical facilities segment

  • Gradual increase in energy efficiency;
  • detailed reporting and monitoring of energy consumption and respective expenses; and
  • comparison with other hospitals and medical facilities in the country.
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