Typically, hotels are, compared to other types of buildings, much more progressive in terms of energy efficiency – this is caused by the fact that efficiency of operation and therefore the revenue of the business is at the centre of the attention of the management of any hotel. The automatic reporting system will allow you to keep track of what is the average amount of water used per one guest, or what are the expenses on energy during the winter season or what is the best time for buying energy for the next year. Moreover, you will be able to monitor the energy demands of kitchens or other sections of the building through automatic reports you will regularly receive. Operating expenses will be reduced as the processes connected to energy management are made completely automatic by Enectiva.

Main benefits of the segment of hotels and other accommodation unit compounds

  • Automation of the processes of energy management will reduce operating expenditure;
  • quick detection of wasting; and
  • employees motivated to behave economically.
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