Industrial buildings and compounds

If you own a company or if you are an energy manager of an industrial compound, you surely know how important the efficient use of energy is in any field of industry. By reducing operational expenses, you may invest the resources you save and achieve a competitive advantage. Enectiva conforms to the rules stipulated in the norm ISO 50001. Using Enectiva as a complex tool of energy management (which includes monitoring and invoicing consumptions of the individual parts of the compound) may reduce operational expenses by up to 15%. Moreover, Enectiva automatically analyzes and assesses all implemented cost-saving measures, records and archives all energy-related data and may grant individual users different access rights. Enectiva is a complete, efficient solution for energy management of industrial buildings that helps you define your energy policy and set concrete goals in terms of energy efficiency.

Main benefits in the industrial segment

  • Efficient energy management;
  • you are able to keep track of the efficiency of energy use of the individual parts of the industrial compound; and
  • comprehensive monitoring and reporting for the company managers.
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