Schools, libraries and other public buildings

Enectiva is an ideal solution for energy management of school buildings, government offices, fire stations or medical facilities. Thanks to Enectiva, those who administer such buildings always know the amount of consumed energy and the corresponding expenses. It only takes several clicks to detect wasting or compare energy consumption with regards to the area used, the number of pupils or the number of patients. Enectiva automatically analyzes cost-saving measures, evaluates them and assesses their revenue. Meter readings are easily entered and archived in the system. Employees may be given various kinds of access to the system as well as different rights. The result is a complete, more efficient administration of a public building that leads to up to 20% of savings in its operation.

Main benefits of the public buildings segment

  • Reduced administration in terms of the building operation;
  • quick detection of wasting and simple identification of cost-saving measures; and
  • the possibility to compare the energy demands and efficiency of your building with similar
  • buildings across the country.
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