Sport centers

Playgrounds, swimming pools, water parks – all these places have high demands in terms of energy consumption and it is difficult to keep them profitable. This is why it is crucial to operate all the technology efficiently – and Enectiva will help you. You will get precise information about the performance and consumption of technological devices such as heating, cooling, lighting or humidifying systems. Such technology not only influences the interior microclimate of the building, but depending on the outside climate it also has a significant impact on the total operating expenses. Most businesses and operations underestimate how important it is to have the technological equipment turn off when it is not actually needed. It is often the case that heating is working even though the outside temperature allows it not to, or the AC unit is turned on even though there is nobody in the building, etc. If such wasting is eliminated, the savings in operating expenditure may go up to 20%.

Main benefits of the sport and wellness centers segment

  • Effective operation of technology in terms of energy management;
  • quick detection of wasting; and
  • simple administration of energy consumption.
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