Energy Monitoring in ISO 50001 Standard

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Enectiva team

Firms are taking a fresh look at the benefits of ISO 50001 nowdays and Enectiva as the system of energy monitoring and reporting makes implementation of this norm much easier. Enectiva has been, from the very beginning, developed in accordance with the ISO 50001 requirements. Without even predicting the current situation, we adopted ISO 50001 as a standard of the Enectiva management tool. Enectiva is able to cover all the requirements of the ISO 50001 norm in terms of monitoring, reporting, metering & verification, monitoring and targeting. Using Enectiva, you can easily handle and simplify the implementation of the ISO 50001 standard as well as all the necessary administration.

The main benefits of using the Enectiva energy management tool for the implementation of ISO 50001 are:

  1. Shorter time needed for the implementation
  2. Less administration
  3. Reduction of expenses on energy metering and monitoring
  4. Additional functions that go beyond the ISO 50001 standard
  5. Ability to change, reduce or expand the monitoring system at any time

Enerfis, the developer of the Enectiva system, takes part in the implementation of ISO 50001 as a consultant. If you wish to have more information about implementation of ISO 50001, do not hesitate to contact anybody of the Enectiva or Enerfis team.