SCADA systems integrated with cloud services

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Since the New Year you have been able to use energy management, facility management, but also complex building management systems in one online solution. Enectiva involve the worlds of IoT (Internet of Things), Building Management System (BMS) and cloud services for building management right now. A part of the BMS is also SCADA, which provides supervision, control and data aquisition.

What you can manage with the Enectiva online app:

  • Heating, Ventilation, Cooling, Air Conditioning (HVAC), DWH (Domestic Hot Water)
  • Outdoor and indoor lighting
  • Manufacturing technologies
  • Pumps or other drives
  • Security systems
Metering and regulations

How to connect the SCADA system to Enectiva?

Everything is based on the integration of individual PLC or controllers. Any BMS or SCADA must necessarily include such a controller. Larger systems consist of multiple controllers, and one of them is usually considered as a master. SCADA is running then on such a controller. Within the Enectiva application, these controllers can be paired to individual entities in the tree under the newly created tab in the upper menu Control. Each building, part of the building, tenant, economic unit or business unit can have from 1 to n controllers associated with each other. When you are on the Control tab and the entity has at least one controller assigned, the complete SCADA in the application is connected and displayed.


The entire Enectiva platform is still hardware independent. Even in the case of BMS and SCADA, you can use hardware from various manufacturers such as Siemens, Johnson Controls, Wago, Domat, Amit, Schneider Electric, UNIPI, Teco etc. which is a huge advantage. This gives the possibility to integrate BMS and SCADA from all these vendors under one platform, even for multiple sites or sites that have been commissioned at different times. Isn’t it great? You can click on entity in New York and you will see a complete boiler room running on Siemens’s hardware, adjust the equithermal curve, and if you click on entity in Paris, you will do the same even with Johnson Controls’s hardware. No need to worry about different logins, different IT networks etc. Individual controllers (PLCs) are integrated into the Enectiva VPN network. So you have access to Enectiva ecosystem and also rights to these individual entities, you also have access to the SCADA interface of each BMS.

What other advantages besides BMS and SCADA:

If you want to integrate different sensors whether wireless or wired into your BMS, our platform is the right solution, regardless of sensor technology or data transfer method. For example you can use CO2 sensors or the presence of people that typically operate on a wireless basis to control the volume of air or temperature in the meeting rooms. Another advantage is the simple scalability of the whole solution. With everything covered by an online cloud application, you can add more objects, gauges, sensors as you like, without having to bother with new software installations or programming new locations. This also applies to renovations.

APIs for interfacing with external systems are available to all customers. If you want to use Enectiva data for your information systems, you can use the API interface, which is available online.

IT Security (CyberSecurity)

The IT security dimension continues to grow and it is in our primary interest to keep your buildings and operations safe at all times. All controllers are connected via a secure VPN network and can not be connected to them other than through this network within the Enectiva platform. Communication is always encrypted using HTTPS protocol.

SLA-based support

We are also able to offer service based on SLA contract with the help of our local partners.

Our services include:

  • Technical support and service availability
  • Software updates and maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Remote management and diagnostics
  • Reporting of key indicators
  • Archiving and backing up all your data

Are you interested in more information about BMS and SCADA possibilities? Do not hesitate to contact us at or call us at +420 222 766 950.