Success Story: Société Générale Reduced Overconsumption by 60% with our automated energy management

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Eva Svobodová

In this article you will get to know:

  • case of Société Generale
  • what Enectiva did to reduce overconsumption

Background: Overconsumption of Société Générale and motivation to save energy

Komerční banka (KB), member of the Société Générale group, is the second largest bank in the Czech Republic with 400+ subsidiaries. KB cumulated site data from multiple energy meters, but didn’t use them to their full potential. This led to management having no control over consumption, saving measures and subsequently overconsumption. Despite that fact, there was a strong motivation to save energy across their buildings. We came up with a fully automated reporting tool that connects energy data, building and HVAC technology science together with people. With a very low initial investment, Komerční banka reduced overconsumption dramaticaly in the first 6 months of usage. Enectiva application helped cut energy costs and automated energy management system in Société Générale subsidiaries. In every single monthly report, managers of our client can see what is the difference between the real consumption and expected consumption. What the potential for energy savings is, or if there is any excessive consumption. We inform management about possible cost-saving measures and all features comply with ISO 50001 energy reporting requirements as well.

Solution: Data driven energy management

Enectiva application solved energy management in all subsidiaries individually and also as a whole. We interconnected their already existing facility management information system with manualy collected energy data together with our platform where is an engine for theoretical consumption calculations. We are also harvesting weather data which are crucial for proper heating and cooling energy saving calculations. There is no need to install or buy any new hardware which was a huge advantage of our solution in a tender. The only question is, where you can get the initial energy data, but Enectiva works with third-parties information systems as well as already used hardware on sites (such as BMS systems, HVAC systems, or IoT Hardware).

Employing data from local weather stations near every subsidiary together with degree days to compare different climate seasons, Enectiva sends automatic reports of monthly consumption, unexpected water, electric, gas or heat leakage notifications. Critical consumptions are immediately discussed and reported to the company management which can also track wasting of individual subsidiaries.

Potential for future savings are shown in practical graphs and in charts with theoretical consumption to stay motivated. Theoretical consumption indicates the theoretical consumption limit for a given energy, which will help you discover how much you can save on energies.

Results: Fully automated energy management system

Overconsumption was cut by 60% in all subsidiaries in the first 6 months. Energy management is fully automated: meter reading, but also reports and overall summary of consumption are sent by Enectiva and integrated with the facility information system. Moreover, a small team of 4 people easily controls energy management of 400+ KB subsidiaries!

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Enectiva application is ISO 50001 compatible and may also be used for carbon footprint reporting.

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