New feature: Monitoring the annual energy budget

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Jakub Zogata

Notifications in Enectiva are extended by another option, namely notifications of exceeding consumption or costs from the beginning of the year. Public administration and companies operate within a limited annual energy budget, which they can’t exceed. That’s why we’ve added consumption and cost alerts to the app from the beginning of the calendar year.

Why turn on calendar year alerts?

Public administration institutions, schools, municipalities and companies have limited annual energy budgets. We created a tailor-made notification for the calendar year (January-December). You will receive an email or SMS notification when your budget for a particular building, group of buildings, or energy is about to run out. Authorized personnel is therefore informed in advance and can start resolving the situation before December. Budgetary measures (transfers of funds) are thus implemented more efficiently and without stress.

How do I set up an annual alert?

In notification section from the beginning of the period, you select whether you want to monitor the consumption or the cash costs to which energy the notification applies (electricity, water, gas, cold). Next, choose on which meter or in which building you want to monitor the budget. In select the period section, click from the “beginning of the calendar year” and then select the consumption above which you should be informed.

Before confirming, you can check the last measured values, select e-mails or the telephone number to which the notification is to be sent. After clicking Save, the notification of annual costs is ready and continuously checks whether the value you set has been exceeded.

Tips for the best alert settings

The notification for a calendar year is used, for example, in the state administration, contributory organizations and companies where it is necessary to operate with a limited budget. We therefore recommend setting the referral limit to 70-80% of your budget. This will let you know in advance whether the necessary transfers need to be made to the budget.

We recommend sending notifications set for entire buildings or their individual parts, for example, directly to the building’s economist. They are suitable for comparing consumption with previous years. Annual warnings for individual meters are suitable for accurate identification of where the budget is exceeded and possible subsequent elimination of the cause.

We recommend using annual alerts in Enectiva in combination with other types of alerts for shorter periods of time and with reports to capture unwanted energy leaks. For example, the water shield automatically detects a water leak. In depopulated buildings, there can easily be a leak that building users may not notice right away. Systems from many locations can be managed from anywhere, even during a COVID crisis.

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