LoRa and Sigfox for Smart City Applications

As more countries adopt a concept of Smart City the demand for connectivity and IoT technologies is growing. However, the number of devices and options available can be dizzyingly confusing for both system integrators and end users. We’ve decided to compile a little helpful guide to distinguish between two leading IoT technologies – Sigfox and LoRa. In essence, both Sigfox and LoRa do the same thing – they give cost efficient connectivity for low-power devices. Read more →

Effect of CO2 concentration on human health

Over the last few years, there has been a huge pressure to reduce the energy use intensity of new and renovated buildings, where an increasingly better building envelope in terms of thermoinsulating properties is being imposed by normative requirements. However, each coin has two sides and this case is no different. Insulated buildings with well-sealing windows have stopped breathing naturally, which can have a very negative effect on human health. Read more →

Smart City - technologies as a solution to the problems of the city

„Smart City“, currently a very popular term, encompasses in itself many meanings. Generally speaking, the term refers to application of modern technologies to operation of towns and cities. Modern technologies can be applied within many sectors, including transportation, power engineering, waste treatment, lighting, medical care, etc. – all these can be improved by modern technologies. The aim of such solutions (putting aside political and business-related objectives) is creating a city which is comfortable to live in and cheaper to maintain. Read more →

Basic Principles of Energy Monitoring

Are you wondering how can energy (including water consumption) be easily monitored? Here are several tips on efficient energy monitoring and on approaches and processes that are applied in the development of Enectiva – a complete tool for on-line energy monitoring. Rules of energy monitoring A simple and comprehensible energy monitoring means more users will understand it and be able to use it, which consequently means more people will be motivated to save energy and reduce consumption. Read more →

Energy Monitoring in ISO 50001 Standard

Firms are taking a fresh look at the benefits of ISO 50001 nowdays and Enectiva as the system of energy monitoring and reporting makes implementation of this norm much easier. Enectiva has been, from the very beginning, developed in accordance with the ISO 50001 requirements. Without even predicting the current situation, we adopted ISO 50001 as a standard of the Enectiva management tool. Enectiva is able to cover all the requirements of the ISO 50001 norm in terms of monitoring, reporting, metering & verification, monitoring and targeting. Read more →
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