Office Building Energy Insigts

The results we present here are based on data gathered by the Enectiva team from 400 administration buildings located in various Czech cities of over 10.000 residents. Consumption of Electric Energy For 50% of administrative buildings, electricity consumption per 1 m² of used floor area varies from 50,1 to 142,7 kWh/ m². According to energy consumption, we are the most active at work on Tuesdays and then Mondays. Starting with Wednesday, our activity only decreases until the end of the week. Read more →

Benchmarking Energy Performance

Compare the energy efficiency of your buildings. 40% of all the energy used in the world is consumed in buildings and in their operation. It is almost unbelievable how vastly different are buildings in terms of energy use. Our team has encountered buildings of the same type but with a 100% difference in consumption. There are significant discrepancies between office buildings of the “A” standard which we are monitoring – the most energy efficient building of the “A” standard that we monitor has a yearly consumption of 169 kWh/sqm, while in the case of the least efficient building it is 304 kWh/sqm. Read more →

Is the Power Engineer an Endangered Species?

The story is the same everywhere – as expenses are reduced in every branch of business, the pressure to “eradicate” some of the professions increases. We are no longer surprised to see self-checkout counters in supermarkets instead of real people. Alternatively, we do not even need a brick-and-mortar shops as we do our grocery shopping online. Like watchmen or scriveners in the past, clerks have also become an endangered species. Is this the case of power engineers as well? Read more →

Energy Management and Curiosity

Are you curious enough? Every human being is born with innate curiosity. Right from the moment of our birth, we start exploring and learning. Unfortunately, as we get older, most of us gradually lose our curiosity. Possibly because we use the proverb “Curiosity killed the cat”. However, curiosity is a key factor in achieving energy efficiency. Let us take an example: an administrative building with tenants and an administrator, whose task from his position of the representative of the owner is to divide energy expenses between the individual tenants so that there is no remainder. Read more →

Management Is Measurement

There is an old saying that appears in almost all books on management: There is no management without measurement. This rule is crucial in energy management. When information (energy data) is accurate, readily available and reliable, good decisions are much easier to make. Though manual readings are often incomplete and unreliable, many companies still depend on them, even if millions of CZK worth of investments are at stake. Automatic, precise reading of energy meters brings the question of energy management, energy consumption and expenses to a whole new level. Read more →
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