Management Is Measurement

There is an old saying that appears in almost all books on management: There is no management without measurement. This rule is crucial in energy management. When information (energy data) is accurate, readily available and reliable, good decisions are much easier to make. Though manual readings are often incomplete and unreliable, many companies still depend on them, even if millions of CZK worth of investments are at stake. Automatic, precise reading of energy meters brings the question of energy management, energy consumption and expenses to a whole new level. Read more →

The Price of Energy Data

Are you a property manager, facility manager, building administrator or a building owner? Then you have most likely already dealt with the question of how to collect energy data from your building in an efficient way. Manual meter reading carried out by a technician is still the most widely used method. However, this obsolete method is, in some ways, unreliable and time- and money-consuming, and the larger the portfolio of administered buildings, the more difficult the reading gets. Read more →

How to Cope With Energy Management

The words „energy management“ scare many people. Every day, as part of my profession, I meet senior managers who have to introduce new energy management processes - and they are struggling with this task. Usually they fear the unknown, but the basic philosophy behind good energy management is actually embraced in the common sense of every manager. Let me show you a few general rules: mozna-upspory_edit.png

Read more →

Influence of average daily temperature on water consumption

We are a Czech technology startup and our field is energy data collection and analysis. We bring you another of our reports, which aims to inform the public about interesting findings that provide us with data on energy consumption. This time it is water. Specifically, the influence of external temperature on its consumption. The current hot summer days and the ever-increasing drought that prevailed in our country prompted us to investigate this phenomenon. Read more →

Labor productivity - we bring a tip to increase it

Everybody of us gets tired from time to time in the workplace. For companies, however, this factor is directly related to the productivity of employees and therefore the profit of the company. There is a simple and effective solution to prevent this problem. Nowadays it belongs to the very popular form of the so called openoffice workspace. It offers a lot of jobs for a lot of people on a relatively small area and thus saving money for employers. Read more →
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